Tuesday, September 21, 2004

It's Tuesday and I had planned to go to a long leisurely lunch after my history class, then to work. But my history teacher was appalled at the fact that over half the class didn't do the assigned reading for today (heck, they could've done it during the first part of the class while he was lecturing on stuff that was not relative). So he let us out at 11. So I go to lunch, turn down a ride that would've gotten me to work a hour early - too early- and catch the bus that drops me off right at the library. So the main reason I don't like to go in early was off today!!! I was pissed at my schedule being screwed over. Guess going to great lengths to avoid people you'd rather not be around doesn't work. I've got to work on being more tolerant - yeah, sure....

So I'm telling this to my blog and a few e-mail friends. Got out early yesterday, too. I think they just do it to aggravate me and get me off my schedule.

Have a good day. :-}

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