Thursday, October 14, 2004

I watched part of the debate last night- first and last time... I can't stand Bush's voice or that smirk. By 10 pm, I was ready to throw a brick at the TV. So I turned it off and tried to get to sleep....

BTW, on the litmus test - Bush claims that abortion isn't one thing he'd claim he use to appoint a judge and says that Kerry would use it as a litmus test. Kerry, however did not say that he would appoint judges only that supported abortion rights - just that he would not appoint a judge who thought that his or her right was to make someone else do something according to his/her personal beliefs.

All that being said, I like Kerry's speaking manner better - he speaks without a noticeable accent, pronounces words correctly and uses proper grammar. That should be a litmus test for president (Why is that phrase one that the president used more than once? Does anyone use litmus paper anymore?) - a well-spoken person who thinks for her/himself before she/he opens her/his mouth.

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