Saturday, October 02, 2004

I'm sick today - one day of the week I'm off from everything. So I lie down and into my head comes music from West Side Story. And I cannot remember the boy's name that's in love with Maria ( and that's the song that keeps going through my head ). The more I try to sleep, the more I try to remember the name, until I finally gave up and checked online at the Internet Movie Database , that listing of every movie ever made, I think. The name was Tony... Maybe I can take a nap in a while.

I have to work tomorrow at 2, so I'm hoping this is just a cold...Lots of stuff I intended to do today, but I'm kind of sidelined until I feel better - don't want to spread this unless I must ( maybe it'll cut down on the library traffic, since I'll work tomorrow- covering for the lady I think I caught it from).

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