Monday, December 27, 2004

Been staying with my mother and youngest brother since December 23rd. He doesn't usually live with my mom, but nine inches of snow and ice have given him a good excuse to stay. Elysha and I got here okay - the problems weren't in the air or on the large highways, just the back roads and the less traveled parts of Dixie Highway. The rental got stuck in the driveway the day after we got here, but we managed to get it out. We also sprung my mother's car on Christmas Day and went over to my oldest brother's house for Christmas. I got my hair cut today and the beautician said they'd been closed since last Wednesday because they couldn't get plowed out. Today was the first day they were able to open. Mom got a book from the library and I read it today - the Hour Game by David Baldacci. It was pretty good, but a bit odd in the end. I hope to get pictures developed before we go home on Thursday and post some of them. Kara has certainly gotten bigger!

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