Wednesday, April 27, 2005

The weather was terrific in New Orleans, the food was wonderful - I had barbequed alligator ( it too tastes like chicken), the Jazz Fest was great and the people were all very nice. The crowds were enormous at the Jazz Fest ( this link has photos!), but everybody was very polite... I'm glad we had VIP passes, because the crowd was so big I would've freaked even being outdoors. James Taylor was great on Saturday, but I thought his set was far too short... I think Dr. John had the biggest crowd of any of the "big names" at the Fest. There were so many people in the field area that you couldn't see the grass or the walkway!The Doctor was on before Brian Wilson (of the Beach Boys) and most of his crowd left. Brian looked kinda strung out , but the newspaper the next day said he was having problems with some medications ( maybe allergies cause he kept rubbing his nose and eyes), but I wasn't so sure the meds were legal ones... Anyhow, we had a terrific time! It was great to have a whole weekend somewhere different! We just have to readjust. I brought back some presents for the ladies that covered for me at work. Listening to some jazz - Virgin Records had a booth and I bought a bunch of CDs. Even got one free when I got a CD with New Orleans artists ( and it was the cheapest CD I got!) - it's Preservation Hall Recordings. I got beads too - not for flashing- I bought them! :-D

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  1. Glad you liked NO! I was born in LA, and have visited NO a few times, though I haven't been able to spend as much time as I'd like there.

    Now that you're back, you can play this meme too.


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