Thursday, July 14, 2005

As of today, my older daughter Jenni and her daughter, Kara, have been here a week. We have not been able to do a lot, as Poppie (that's the grandpa name for my DH) is working in Clifton NJ at Summer School. He's not in a mood for doing anything fun for a seven year old when he gets home... Poppie and I took Kara to the Meadowlands Fair last weekend. Us girls went on some rides and won some weird prizes at the games (including a furry hat that Kara won at the water gun game).
Kara and I went to the library yesterday and she played Book Bingo- she won a book and some little toys to take home. We walked home from the library, stopping at Chocolatier Anais (excellent European-style hand-made chocolates!) and the Sweet Tooth Factory (all kinds of the candy that you loved as a kid!) to get candy to take home. We had lunch at Lakeside Delicatessen, which Kara didn't eat much of and trekked home, stopping at Drug Fair for a few necessities - and non-necessities like plastic frogs, snakes and lizards.
We went shopping last Friday (and again tomorrow) with Great-Grandma Pearlman (Gi-Gi) and looked at cars for Elysha and me (a Scion xA and a Chevrolet Aveo).
Other than that, pretty unexciting. Jenni got her tongue pierced (I don't know why, don't ask me) and I've managed to stay relatively sane, in spite of the relatives. Sigh... I know, I'll miss them when they're gone, but it gets a little rambunctious around here. And Ah'm starting to tawk funny again....

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