Saturday, July 16, 2005

Today we all went to Chuck E. Cheese in Wayne NJ. It's Super Chuck Summer and everything was only 1 token. Kara was impressed with a ride on a helicopter that was lifted by pedal power. She said to say that she was above Elysha's head. We also discovered a sketch machine that did your picture- up to two people in the portrait. That's me and Kara. She went on a lot of the rides - even on a virtual roller coaster.
The pizza has improved since my kids were small and so have the games and prizes. Kara got enough tickets to get a multi-colored crayon pencil where the points can change by pushing them out and back in the top.
We also went shopping at a 99¢ store and got lots of things - including a LED spinner that Kara had wanted at the circus (and was very expensive there). So she was happy about getting that.
It was a long day and we took both cars - Elysha and Jenni left when Chuck E. Cheese came out to sing "Happy Birthday" to the kids' parties. Elysha is still scared of people in furry costumes....Kara waved at him and I did, too....Places like that with lots of little kids make me almost cry. Not real sure why, but I guess it's part of the pre-menopausal stuff....

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