Thursday, September 01, 2005

Postcard of our resort

Back in New Jersey again. Our vacation was a wonderful break!
Went snorkeling with the biggest sharks - nurse sharks - and manta rays, which were also bigger than any I'd seen before. I didn't do too well with snorkeling - water kept going up my nose.
We went to Chavon, a "recreation" of old Dominica, laid out by a couple of guys from Hollywood - and it looks like it. I may have pictures soon, but then again, maybe not. My not too blessed with common sense husband put the cameras in his checked luggage and the x-rays from the super machines may have killed them....
We went to Manati Park, which we had been to before - maybe 5 or 6 years ago. Here's the picture of the DH and me with a little monkey - not native to the island of course...I also had my picture taken with a BIG snake, a cockatoo who whistled at me and a parrot.
Got a fair tan and didn't burn much - lots of sunscreen!
We also stopped at a cigar museum and I got a free hand-rolled cigar. Not that I'll ever smoke it, but the DH took a picture of me with it in my mouth ala Madonna - the singer, not the Virgin Mary one...Not that I think the "virgin mother" would be smoking cigars, but who knows what they did in the early part of this Millenium?
The food was terrific - lots of different choices. I ate a lot of avocados! Had mashed bananas the morning we left - amazingly, they taste like potatoes! I'm going to have to find the recipe for it!
It was a wonderful trip and I wish it could've lasted a few more days, but we are not as well off as we used to be.
One of the reasons for that is our Scion Xa came in yesterday and we have to go in and pick it up tomorrow night. Another is that our Public Service Gas & Electric bill for this month was $546. And Elysha's tuition is $1660 a month until the end of December. We punched a hole in the savings with the vacation, but we needed it....

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