Thursday, October 27, 2005

Cooking, baking and cleaning up

I cooked and baked yesterday, having crockpotted a roast, made a quiche and baked cookies for the Church Fair , which is Saturday, and baked biscuits for dinner. Today I ran the self-clean on the oven, since the quiche did not cooperate and stay in the pie crust when being put in the oven - even though I had it on a cookie sheet... So the kitchen was around 90° while I was eating a slice or two of quiche for breakfast. It takes 3 hours, then around two hours to cool down enough so that I can get the ash from the burned on crud wiped out of the oven.
It's around 46° outside at the moment and 68° inside - because I programmed the thermostat. I put away my summer clothes yesterday, too, so I'm expecting it to get somewhere in the 80s, at least, real soon...

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