Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween.
I have decided to spare my poor li'l guy from being carved up and set out on the porch. There he is above with a smile painted on - he doesn't know what he's in for... I will take him apart soon and save the seeds - that I originally got from the Pumpkin Circle . They were free last year, but I suppose they were on every freebie list there was, so it got to be too much for them. I might carve a face on mine, but the cutting and deseeding part is hard enough. I usually break the poor gourd before I even get to a face...Sigh... I have to work till nine tonight, so the house will be in the guardianship of my daughter, who doesn't want to be disturbed by the little trick or treaters. My DH works until 7 and I have a feeling that if he comes home to see the porch light out and her watching TV with her boyfriend, there's gonna be a lot of hollering going on...Sigh. I might not come home tonight...
Ghost stories and pictures and neat stuff on Today in History at the Library of Congress' American Memory site. You can hear recordings made in the 1930s by the WPA American Life Histories' recorders. Absolutely fascinating!

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