Thursday, October 20, 2005

Just recently got back from a day of physical fitness... Heh, heh... First I spent an hour and a half in the dentist's chair, getting a fitting for a crown for one of my back teeth that self-destructed on a lemon drop. This was after walking to the bus stop which was at least a block further than I had remembered and a half hour waiting for the bus. Sigh. After getting my temporary crown put on and walking around the nearby town of Caldwell, I went to an ATM, got some bucks and went to lunch at a nice diner. I had fairly soft food and wrote a reminder to myself to eat on the right... Then I walked to another bus stop and waited for a bus that took me to an opthamologist, who said the one red eye is actually a pinkeye. He prescribed drops, told me to keep to a separate towel and wash hands after touching eyes. I took off from work today and tomorrow since I have to put said drops in the eye every 2 hours until Sunday night... So I walk to the drugstore, call my dear daughter to pick me up there (I caught her as she was almost into Verona from school, so I lucked out). So I got my exercise and avoided the 45 degree hill coming home. Almost time for my drops... I hope it works

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