Saturday, October 15, 2005

My DH , who is a Math teacher and constantly whines about how bad his students are gave another example to me of a college education gone bad. He was telling me about taking a roll of quarters to the bank with his checks to deposit and the guy behind him said he'd buy the quarters from him. My DH said he'd replied no, he'd already put it on the slip. I said to him, "Well, it would've added up either way." He insisted that he'd already put the total on the deposit slip. So I said, " But it says 'CASH', not coins" and he realized that he'd made the same kind of stupid mistake his students make - he didn't realize that folding cash is the same as jingling cash and that $10 is $10 whether it's dollar bills or quarters. Sheesh....

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  1. So, I typed in "Kathy needs help", and your site came up (scary or not?). Even weirder, I call my ex hubby dh, hope it doesn't stand for the same thing as your significan other (dh is di.. head). I continued to look and discovered we have the same dead pumpkin plant (but if you don't weed, all weeds are eventually flowers), that you actually write every day as I would like to (do you wish you were an "author"?) So, good for you!!!!
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