Monday, November 21, 2005

Great Gift Idea

I got this from Women's Wall Street's Daily Cents newsletter, which isn't just about business and stocks... This is the Squished Penny Museum's site - squishonium - and it has some great features. This is from the features section of the site :
When did all this start?
Squished pennies are no new kid on the memory-maker block. These souvenirs have been around since the 1893 Columbian Exposition in Chicago (fig. A). Since then, tens of thousands of different coins have been flattened into memorable trinkets. Many early issues commemorated expositions, fairs, and important events (fig. B-G). Though the nuances of each roller, or the person who actually cranks out the pennies, can affect the final look of the piece, each coin possesses something in common: it is a simple, economical treasure that carriers many fond memories with it.
I have a bunch of squished pennies myself - from Dollywood to the top of the Empire State Building... I'm going to order some of the Merry Christmas and a squished New Year pennies to send in cards this year to those folks I wish I could send a gift to, but don't want them feeling "obligated ", if you know what I mean?

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