Saturday, January 14, 2006

Humdrum life

I realize I write mostly about the boring stuff that happens to me in New Jersey and Elsewhere. Life does get somewhat boring after 50 something has gone by. New makeup and a haircut seem to have gotten awfully important to me. Sad, but true. The country is going to hell in a handbasket, but there is not much I can do about it. Can't seem to get fired up enough to write letters to the editor or anything like that, although I do occasionally plot out letters in my mind- just as I'm trying to get to sleep. I cannot remember a thing I plotted out after I wake up, however, or even sometimes that I have plotted anything... But... Did I mention that when we landed in Washington, D.C. at Dulles airport on our way home from my mother's house that Elysha just offhandedly said that we had time on our layover, she could go kill the president? I told her we didn't even have enough time to get out of the airport and the shuttle ride between terminals reinforced that. We didn't even getting hauled in for that - I guess anyone who overheard it know we didn't actually have the time (or energy, to say nothing of weaponry) to do it. And, God knows, we don't have the money either...
Not that we were serious about it. It just reveals the frustration that she - and I - feel about having a moron in the White House... And that my political thought for the month... Or maybe not. Depends on how much coffee I have tomorrow and how much my brain remembers.

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