Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Elayne Riggs says it all

Hit the link above to see what Elayne says and suffice it to say I agree. The guy she links to is pretty arrogant about his observations on "large" people. However, in contrast, there's this link - to Monique's Fat Chance - which is a casting call for
a "Full-Figured Beauty Competition" on Oxygen television (the cable network of Oprah, the formerly fit and fat). I am considering it, however I'd have to show up for a casting call at my own expense. And going to New York, by myself, terrifies me. But then again, going almost anywhere by myself does that...

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  1. Well, I heardly said it ALL, but I'm ill so forgive me. :) The thing that bugs me about Morford is that he's a very bright guy, a good and amusing writer, against the forces of oppression and dullness pretty much everywhere (VERY anti-Bush admin, as you might imagine), and yet he still has this real blind spot. It drives me nuts, he should be so much better than that!


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