Monday, February 06, 2006

Islamic Insanity

The link above has some information about the allegedly anti-Muslim cartoons which were published in a Danish newspaper. I've been reading a lot about them and wonder why the Muslims are so upset-I mean as a group... If a satirical cartoon were published in a Boise paper that seemed to portray Jesus or Moses in a bad light and I heard about it (I believe most of the Muslims involved in rioting, etc. have probably never seen all or maybe any of the cartoons from the Danes) I'd probably say, "What a bunch of maroons" and let it go. Local paer? Line something with it and stop subscribing. But burn an embassy? This is probably one of the least "offensive", since the male personage is not fully shown...
Guess that may put me on somebody's hit list, eh? Seems the other cartoons are no longer visible online - the one above was lifted from a German newspaper's site (at least I think it's German).

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