Sunday, April 30, 2006

My Granddaughter was on TV!

The title links to the video that's online at WLKY, Channel 32 in Louisville, Kentucky. Their "Weather Class" made a visit to Kara's school - Green Acres Elementary (yeah, but I went there when I was in first grade, so it precedes the abominable television show of the same name) - on April 26, 2006. So, if the link doesn't go directly to the video, look for Weather Class 4/26/2006. Kara is the fidgety blonde with pigtails, who is seated behind an exceptionally large black girl (don't know if they had different grades there, but the girl looks awful big to be a second grader). Kara shows up a couple of times as they pan across the room. They didn't broadcast any of the kids' questions, but Kara said she asked about thunderstorms, tornadoes and hurricanes - which, if you recall, she has had some panicky moments about....
BTW, there's an advertisement that precedes the video - naturally, cause it's not cable TV!

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