Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Passover Begins Soon

" Dear Friends,
With Passover just days away, we hope you take a moment to read the following letter รข€“ written by a Roman 2,000 years ago. This incredible rendition tells us in rare detail about the pilgrimage, the "aliya laregel", to the Second Temple. It is something new and interesting to share at your seder this year!" on their site - the
Kotel site.
They have
webcams at the site so that you can watch what's happening there. Right now, it appears to be evening in Jerusalem (around noon here in NJ), but there are people all around the section of the Wall.
Take a look at the letter link at Kotel. It's a fascinating peek into the past.


  1. I think "next year in Jerusalem" is about my LEAST favorite aspect of Passover. Jerusalem has become such an international city, such a multi-religious city, since those words were written, that I can think of nothing more tragic than to have yet more Jews "making aliya" and crowding out the people who live there now.

  2. I just link to it. The "keepers" of the Kotel are probably more Zionist than any other Jews celebrating Passover. With the Palestinian population wanting to take over Jerusalem, those Jews are probably more worried about being able to celebrate Passover next year in Jerusalem... But that's just this Methodist's humble opinion....


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