Sunday, April 30, 2006

Potted plants- in process

I've planted loads of seeds all over the place. Pansies, tomatoes, cantalopes, peppers and so on in pots and grass seed, cantalopes, nasturtiums, morning glories and more out in the yard - some of them before today so they are starting to germinate. So, I just keep them moist if possible and hope for the best. That's my way of gardening. We have the wild violets, dandelions, some little periwinkle colored "flowers" and the wild strawberries all over the yard, too. The DH is probably going to go out with the weedkiller stuff to get the dandelions. It looks like the neighbors across the street already have.

But our grass looks better! And one of their shrubs looks like a giant dandelion. But I bet they don't see it that way...

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