Sunday, April 09, 2006


It was "nice" out today, as opposed to rain, snow, sleet and hail yesterday. I've given up church for Lent, as I do most years, so I haven't any clue as to what the weather feels like, because I rarely go out on Sundays, except when I got to church.
The big news religion-wise is the "release" of the Gospel of Judas, which has consumed the newspapers lately. Turns out that if you believe that Jesus had to die to be our saviour, then it was his own idea to get Judas to turn him in to the Romans, who, along with the Sanhedrin of the day, were the fall guys in the whole situation. I always believed that Judas and Thomas both got a bad trap in the canonical Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John (none of which can be directly proven to be the word of mouth stories oif the individuals to which they are attributed, of course).
Fortunately, I have a subscription to the National Geographic, which has funded the repair and release of the Gospel of Judas and will be broadcasting a special on that work. I'm hoping that they will print it in the magazine for those of us who would rather see things in print than on a television.

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