Thursday, July 13, 2006

Lunch at the Soda Pop Shop

Well, we went to the Soda Pop Shop in Montclair for ice cream today. I like it - it's very retro! They have old album covers all over the walls, along with pictures of old time movie and TV stars. One of our favorites (Elysha wishes she could steal it) is a Life Magazine cover from 1966 with Adam West as Batman. Cool, huh? We found the cover at Life Magazine's web page and for sale as a poster, or a "Life cover" sized picture at What had intrigued me was a clock with Goofy Grape, Ollie Orange, Freckle Faced Strawberry and Choo-choo Cherry around it. I couldn't remember what the group of them as a whole was called. So I checked when we got home - they were the Funny Face drink mix group flavors. As seen in the Funny Face link, there were other flavors, but the ones that were the most popular were the ones at the Soda Pop Shop (a different link here). The girls (except for Elysha and I) were not real impressed. Jenni and Elysha are not happy about the chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream not having enough cookie dough, but having gobs of tiny little chocolate chips - that are really hard when they're frozen...I had a great ice cream that was called Pecan Praline - it had candied pecans in it- not enough of those either, but probably more than necessary for me...Kara had a chocolate milkshake and Poppie (my DH) had an actual lunch - the deal of the day. He had a baconburger (no cheese) with fries and a large Cherry Coke - for $5.°°.
Kara's all sad about having to go home tomorrow, and Jenni wants to stay, too... Ack! They're fine around for a week or two, but longer than that, they both get on my nerves something awful. Kara talks almost continuously - she even talks in her sleep.... I'll miss them, but not an awful lot...

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