Thursday, August 31, 2006

Animal Kingdom - turn off sound for link

The rides there are few, but they are cool. You must walk a lot - from Asia to Africa, with a few continents between. Blisters, lots of them... Here's one of me in Asia, with the Expedition Everest in the background. Expedition Everest is a very cool ride, but one of the blockbuster rides - definitely a Fastpass (hit the FASTPASS link on the page and the pop-up will explain it - it is worth it, especially since it's free!) ride. We got a fastpass and came back three hours later to go on the ride. We went on the Dinosaur ride first - actually went on it twice - once with a fastpass that got us right to the front. And that was before the reson we were at Animal Kingdom - breakfast at Donald's Breakfastosaurus Unfortunately, my pictures of Donald, Mickey, Goofy, etc. didn't turn out that good. Steven with fuzzy Donald... The pictures on regular film haven't been developed yet, so we'll see if any of them turned out. We went to the little kids' DinoLand U.S.A.® where we found Fossil Fun Games and I got a red, fuzzy, striped snake (to take home on a plane! LOL!). It came in handy, too. It got really hot, so I scooped some ice out of a cooler when I got a soda and smushed it into my snake pal and draped him around my neck - kept me cool and my neck from getting sunburned! Steven won himself a frog, but didn't use it to any effect. He just schlepped it around all day. The game shown on the Fossil Fun link is the one he played to get the frog.
We went on the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail® where we saw (Blogger doesn't want to upload my pictures at the moment), gorillas (real ones - as opposed to the fake er, animatronic ones in the Magic Kingdom's Jungle Ride), black and white colobus monkeys, and lots of birds and plants. A long walk, but it was very nice. There was also the Maharajah Jungle Trek®, where we saw tigers and fruit bats, among other things.
We also took a trip on the Kali River Rapids®, where we got very wet.
We also saw the 3D show It's Tough to be a Bug. The end is pretty freaky when you don't expect it! In fact, there were a few "interactive" surprises in this show...
The Kilimanjaro Safaris® was neat and I did take a lot of pictures on it. The pictures in the link, for this and the others, are better than the ones I took, so I suppose it doesn't matter that Blogger won't post them. But mine show a gorilla eating his lunch and watching the people on the other side of the glass. It's funny - and I also have a picture of the bachelor gorilla, who is living apart from the others for a bit...
We told the kids to skip Animal Kingdom - they would have been bored witless... After the games, of course... :-)

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