Sunday, August 20, 2006

Disney World, Here We come!

We're off to Disney World tomorrow at 6am. Neighbors are going to keep an eye on the house, for those papers and packages that get by the stop orders.... Sigh.... Robbie is going with us - I tried to get him a wheelchair from the local Lions Club, but neither of the men I e-mailed about it got back to me... He has a bad knee and has to wear a brace from just about mid thigh to almost mid-calf. He says it's the meniscus ( the link explains it in gory detail, but, thankfully not in color) in his knee that's bad - he fell a long time ago. and subsequently had surgery to correct it, but it went bad again. I'm taking a list of everything that is in my checked bag and have a list in the bag itself. So if anything is missing, I'll know. I'm taking my digital camera and hoping to get some good pictures. LOL! Like if I ever do take a good picture. I cannot afford one that auto-corrects for shakiness.... Hoping to meet Donald Duck - and Elysha wants to meet Snow White... It's gonna be a long week, cause the DH is going to give Donald the business if he (that's Donald) doesn't sound like Donald! You know, with that speech impediment he (Donald, that is) has. The DH can mimic it, so he expects anybody else to be able to do likewise. Scary, huh?
So we're off. TTFN (yep, I'm going to head to Pooh Corner on Magic Kingdom day!)

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