Monday, August 28, 2006

Magic Kingdom

Well, here are more pictures (I hope...) Magic Kingdom - Alice in Wonderland Topiary.
Of course, I had to go on this ride - Winnie the Pooh's Hunny Pot ride. Pretty tame, but hey, it was Pooh!
I didn't have my picture taken with Pooh, because there was too big a line....
With a bit of editing, you can hardly see the line, but it was huge!

And the "must take" picture- Cinderella's castle.

This one is from Snow White's Scary Adventures ride - the beginning. It was a little scary, but not bad. Nothing at Disney is really that scary or wild - well, maybe the Tower of Terror at MGM, but I didn't go on that - the guys did and loved it. Elysha said it made her nauseated...

Tomorrowland - from a distance.

We went to the Haunted Mansion, too - it was interesting, but not real scary. Elysha thought it was lame. The above pictures are outside - the gal's face moves at random times.

Splash Mountain is one of the first rides we went on. It was the first we came to after we got off the Railroad - which goes around the park. In fact, we went on Splash Mountain twice, which I don't think we did with any other ride in any of the parks.

Walt Disney's Carousel of Progress was a scream - the worst of American "progress" was overlooked - mostly because of the Depression, wars, and anti-social behavior (the 60s and 70s were not represented). The final presentation was cute, but pretty off-the-mark, as not much of it has come to pass. I believe it was thought to be the end of the Twentieth Century.

We also saw Stitch's Great Escape, which was an interactive sort of show - Stitch has very bad chili breath at one point.... We went on the Indy Speedway in Tomorrowland - although I was ready to give up and go back to the hotel by then...It was ok, but the car goes pretty slow and you have to hold the gas pedal down to the floor - and that's rough....

We went on a Jungle Cruise - somehow I thought that was in Animal Kingdom - and I have pictures of that, but have run out of space again...

I did not take many pictures at the Magic Kingdom. Not sure why, but if you click on the links, there are great pictures at the WDW site. We went on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, the Pirates of the Caribbean ride (the Jack Sparrow animatronic is very cool, but the ride itself is pretty tame), Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin ride and Space Mountain - We went to see Mickey's Philharmagic Show - which was mostly Donald Duck (I love Donald most) chasing the Fantasia hat around in 3D and special effects - it was funny! We also went on the obligatory "It's a Small World" ride - it was one of the few I remember from being there 35 years ago....The Hall of Presidents was one of the others I recalled and we went in there - the animatronic presidents are very impressive still. We went on almost all the rides - except the ones just for little people (well, Pooh doesn't fit there - nor Peter Pan, for that matter!)

Anyway, I did take around 200 digital pictures, but, of course not all of them turned out - especially the ones I really wanted. I have scads of them in the Animal Kingdom, which was a real disappointment ride-wise. Except for the Expedition Everest ride. But no more today - more tomorrow! TTFN, Pooh!

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