Friday, September 22, 2006

L'Shana Tova, Friday Kitty Update, etc.

Happy New Year and Friday Cat Blogging Day to all near and dear. The Woodge had her first shot today - the FVRCP Vaccine. She's got to have a few more and the vet bills are going to get to poor old Grnadma Kat after a while, but the kit does like me....
There was a problem with the water here in Verona today -it was browner than usual and so, from Elayne Riggs and the warning sign generator, here's one for Verona residents (BTW, I heard it was several water mains breaking in town).


  1. A russian blue! She's so pretty!

    Kitty. :)

  2. Actually, she isn't a Russian Blue -but she looks like one. She's just a saved Alley kitten...Bless her little heart.

  3. You can make warning signs and labels on


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