Monday, October 02, 2006

Sunday in The City

On Sunday we went to see "The Wedding Singer". It was funny, sad and very sweet. I wouldn't have paid $111.25 a ticket to see it, but when I won the tickets (from, hey, it was terrific! We went on NJ Transit from the Willowbrook Mall and the bus was there when we got there. We had lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe. The weirdest part was trying to figure out who the bands were on the videos. Went to Toys R Us - they have a Ferris Wheel inside - and a lot of enormous figures, including a T-Rex! It was big! It's in Times Square.
It's like an amusement park - they took our picture when we came in. It was not as cold as we were dressed for, but it had been chilly and raining when we got into NY. It stopped raining and the sun came out when we came out of Toy R Us, naturally....
There's also a Hershey's Store in Times Square and I ran amuck - 4 bags of Hershey kisses! Three of those even got a donation to Breast Cancer research. We stopped at a couple of stores and got a few things for Christmas presents and stuff. Going into the city is practically like taking a vacation - it costs almost as much...We got back to the Port Authority around 6, bought tickets from a machine and had a heck of a time finding the right gate. But when we found it, the bus was loading. So we got on and came straight back. Had a lot of fun, but it was a lot of walking! I love it when birthdays last for three or four days!

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