Sunday, November 26, 2006

Condolences to Paty Cockrum

Another great comic book artist passed on today. Dave Cockrum is one of the ones I happen to have met. He primarily worked for Marvel and had been ill for some time.
I met him at a local comic book show in Wayne, NJ. For a small payment,he sketched my daughter, Jenni, who loved the X-Men into a frame of them. She was very impressed, as was I. He said he didn't work from photographs, but he would try. It looked very much like the photo and we were grateful for the effort. His wife, Paty, is a lovely woman and also has worked in comics for some years, until her vision began to fail. I'm not certain, if she is doing any better, visually, as I haven't seen her since a comic convention in NY several years ago. I wish I could post a copy of the sketch Dave had done of Jenni, but I didn't make a copy and Jenni is not sure where the original is.
Here is a copy of the
"X-Men frame" with Professor X in Jenni's place, I think.....

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  1. Kid Charlemagne11/30/2006 1:26 AM

    I regret to hear that Dave died, and hope for the best for Paty.

    I've always favored DC, so I remember Dave best as a LEGION artist.

    I wonder what his memorial on Shanghalla will look like.


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