Tuesday, November 28, 2006

TGIT again

These have been two awfully long days- I've accomplished a few things - at home, at least. The kitten was all over me like ugly on an ape yesterday and Sunday when I got home. Today she was not as anxious about letting me out of her sight, especially after I wiped her down and brushed her fur and her teeth - not both at the same time, of course. I don't have enough arms for that.
We got a catalogue (even though it's for dogs) from G.W. Little. I'm thinking about getting a jacket sized small enough for Woodgie - like this :
. It has a lead ring on it for a lead, so we could take her for a walk, or she take one of us for a walk - without losing her....

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  1. Dear Kathy;
    I am the author of THE TUESDAY EROTICA CLUB. I'm home with the flu and catching up on e-mails from my mother. One of them included a link to your page, saying that you'd bought my book.

    So? What'd'ya think?

    Looking forward to your thoughts.

    Lisa Beth Kovetz


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