Thursday, November 09, 2006


Good things : Went to the dentist this morning and all is well, except I have to have some bonding on one of my front teeth - it's cracked. I got a nice egg nog latte at Starbucks and a Christmas gift- for me- with all the Starbucks gift cards I have acquired from reward groups and stuff. I also got three nice pairs of shoes for $30 at Marty's. Baked two loaves of Sourdough bread that turned out well.
Bad thing: The Reference Librarian here at the
library, Rita Bronnenkant, died after a brief (she was diagnosed on October 27th) bout with cancer in/near her throat. We will all miss her here at the Library. Second person on staff to be diagnosed with a cancer this year. The lady who usually works after me in the evenings is in chemo for duodenal cancer. We're hoping she pulls through. She seemed well the last I heard from her in October.
Good thoughts to all out there....

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