Sunday, December 03, 2006

Fair in the Square

It was yesterday, but I'm just now over it....There were lots of great things outside. I took my camera and took a few pictures.

This one is from the library's front entrance.

This one is of the Verona United Methodist Church's group trying to set up in the wind. The man kneeling is the pastor, Matthew Goode. With him are Linda Miller, in the blue shirt and Lynn Chase who coordinates the Cookie Walk each year.

And here are some of the cookies - mine are the pink ones with green sugar.

This one is from inside the library - we sold CDs that were given to the library by the Federal Government - seized in drug raids was what I thought I heard. I got three - one of Spanish monks doing Gregorian chants, one of "Greatest Hits" by a guy named Dave Mason and one by Meredith Brooks which has the song "Bitch" on it, which I love...I cannot imagine these being used by drug dealers or runners...

And here's Santa, who comes through the library to avoid running into all the kids who are waiting for him outside. Nice guy - he stopped and let me take his picture. Got him ready for the multitude of pictures they took of him outside, I guess. It was a long day for only being 5 hours....

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