Sunday, December 31, 2006

Home Again - Dec. 31, 2006

Back home in New Jersey. Elysha and I left Kentucky at around 10 am on Saturday and spent the night in Kent, Ohio. Crosby Stills, Nash and Young echoed in my head as I checked in. Anyway, we had a good dinner at the Cracker Barrel Restaurant at the next exit off I-76. Steven and I had gotten a gift certificate from John and Cathy for Christmas and since there aren't any close enough for us to use it, Elysha and I had a nice dinner and got some candy to take home with us. So we took off from Kent around 10 this morning and got into New Jersey around 2pm. We got home a few minutes after 4 and after we got everything in, we got back into the usual routines. Woodgie was sort of glad to see us, but who can tell? I got a book called "Catspeak" for Christmas from Kara and I will be studying it to see if I can make any sense out of the maniac we currently have living in our house. She has missed the clatter of the keys downstairs as is obvious from this new picture - taken tonight.
Happy New Year....
Hoping 2007 goes well for all of us.

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