Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Leah Adezio died - Rest in peace, dear.

Leah was a "comic book friend" - I didn't know her as well as others posting about her death, like Peter David, Heidi Mac Donald, or Elayne Riggs. I met her through Friends of Lulu's New York chapter (the logo for the NYC chapter is Leah's own rendition of Lulu as the Staue of Liberty).
I roomed with Leah once when we staffed the Friends of Lulu booth for a con in Philly. We had a wonderful time and she was a great gal with lots of wonderful stories. I've only just now read how difficult her life was before I met her - I'm glad to have heard the good stories she had to share. Her artwork was lovely - she and Elayne did a beautiful little story that was in the Lulu's book
Storytime, Ari of Lemuria. I found this one page shot from it, just to show you how good Leah was.
I hope that there is an afterlife with all the ones you love in it - she deserves it as much as anyone else I know…


  1. Oh, my, Leah Adezio is dead?

    I was just doing a little blog tour and ran into this and... over 10 years ago, before the internet became popular, we used to be pen pals. She even sent me some photocopies of her work... We lost track after a while.

    I guess it's old news for others, oh, well.

  2. It's been a long time and I still think of her when I go to comics conventions...

  3. This is just pretty sad :(

    She was real kind. I remember her being so devoted to Aqualad. Her art reminded me so much of Colleen Doran...

    How long it's been since she passed away?

  4. Almost a year and a half. This post was January of 2007 - and she had passed on not too long before I posted it. She was a good woman, wonderful artist and devoted mother. She is still missed - in fact, Elayne Riggs devotes her blog to Leah...

  5. Oh, I see... Thanks for letting me know.

    Looks like I found out real late.


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