Sunday, March 11, 2007

March is National Women's History Month!

Today's link is from the National Women's History Project, founded in 1980.

Here is the 2007 Honoree Quiz, from their printable brochure :
1. Who is one of the co-founders of the
National Women’s History Project?
2. Who is the Executive Director of the
Third Wave Foundation?
3. Who blends every American style of music?
4.. Who launched Red Nation Media Internet and
Television Channel?
5. Who was a 19th century suffragist, historian ,
editor and abolitionist?
6. Who was the first African American Woman
Appointed to the Federal Judiciary?
7. Who was one of the Little Rock Nine?
8. Whose impact on education is indelible?
9. Who was the first woman Superintendent at
Yellowstone National Park?
10. Who is a passionate environmental volunteer?
11. Who was the granddaughter of a slave holder?
12. Who was a Congresswoman?
13. Who is a national advocate for the preservation
of women’s historic sites?
14. Who is a Brigadier General?

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