Sunday, April 29, 2007

Drunken Pirate’ sues school that nixed degree

The article the title links to tells of a woman in Pennsylvania who was given a degree in English, rather than an education degree or teaching certificate. She was seen posing as a druken pirate in a picture on her My Space . The Drunken Pirate says the dean of Education said that the picture promoted underage drinking. Well, if the woman in question was 18 when she began college and graduated this year and the picture in question was taken in 2005, she was 20 and underage, thus promoting underage drinking.

My grandmother, Miss Ivan Gordon, received a teaching certificate after completion of certificate course in the usual subjects, as well as a class called Scientific Temperance. A search online suggested this was the continuation of the original "Just say no" classes in schools which began in the 19th century. My grandmother was also given a "success grade" based on her performance as a teacher and under the subject "General Characteristics" is: "Under this head the personality of the teacher, his professional and community interest, and all those qualities that make for the best citizenship should be considered."

And, of course, if one was found not to properly display those attributes, one would be subject to having one's reaching credentials removed. This should be the case nowadays, too... Just my opinion, of course...

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