Monday, July 02, 2007

July 2, 2007

I haven't blogged in a long while. So what's happened?

1) I found the missing Raid yellow jacket trap, reported missing on June 21st. Apparently it was a little heavier than I thought and sank into the shrub on which it was tied. It's working - I haven't seen any yellow jackets since I put it up in its secret hiding place.

2) Still married, but it's been close lately. DH has finished editing his book that he figures will give kids who do miserably on the Math SAT * ( ©2007, Inc.) a greater edge. I had to redraw all the graphics because repeated cut and pasting had made the jpg files a bit fuzzy around the edges. I sharpened them up, saved them as TIF files and redid the entire book in Office and saved it as a Word 97 or 2003 DOC file, as well as an Office 2007 file. He sent it off this morning and if I never see it again, it will be too soon.

We also "celebrated " our anniversary by going to the Meadowlands Fair on Saturday, the 23rd. We had pre-paid tickets, along with ride stamps, so we did okay price-wise. The rides are horribly expensive and just a few cost over $20. So we went on the Ferris Wheel, the Crazy Mouse ( a roller coaster that does some incredible turns), the Wave Swinger and a couple others, which I thankfully cannot recall. I was hypnotized again by the incredible Steve Bayner. We skipped the pig races this year. There were a couple of people that I saw who definitely would've been picked to be hog rooters for the pot bellied pigs... DH won a four foot tall Spider-Man, which I had my picture taken with at the Optimum booth. I also got a t-shirt and a tote bag from them. We did not win their plasma TV giveaway, but where would we have put it anyway?

3)Woodgie went outside yesterday and ran off after a cat she spied in the yard next door, which she had to chase off, even though it was twice her size. That panicked Elysha who had to go out and call Woodgie with her cat voice. Woodgie came right to her. Both cats ran off when I went over to look for Woodgie. Hisssssss......

4) I was liturgist at church yesterday, again. I'm off that for the next few weeks, as somebody else signed up. I'm not planning to march with the church float in the Fourth of July Verona Centennial parade. The era for our people is 1930s and I don't have a thing to wear. It's also a fairly long schlep and I'm not entirely sure I want to go to the festival in the Park, as it will be one chaotic madhouse, at least from what I've seen in the newspapers, etc.

5) I got my prizes from "ANYONE CAN PLAY...BUT DON'T CALL US, WE'LL CALL YOU!" Haven't played with them yet, but eventually...That is, assuming I can find them...

6) I played lots of games at MSN's Live Search Club and have received most of my prizes. So far - Microsoft Vista Ultimate, Microsoft Office 2007 Ultimate ( apparently not available - at least to me - anymore), a Memorex 256 MB USB travel drive, and a T-shirt (a man's tee, but only because the women's tee only went to a Large and who knows how large their idea of large is?)that says "Live and Let Live". Still to come are headphones.

7)It was official birthday month in June - first, Kara, then Jenni, then Mom, then a couple of anniversaries and lastly, Woodgie's birthday , which was not a big deal, even though she turned one. Maybe that is why she was so ticked off (not literally - I checked) that she ran off for a while.

So, it's July - aren't we excited?

Elysha is off today to Montclair State for transfer student day - to see what she's going to have to do to go back to school and get a "real" degree. Woodgie's being a nudzh about wanting to go out and I have to work 5-9. DH is off from both school and tutoring at Sylvan today, so, since he completed his book project and sent it off this morning, he's laying around, watching TV.

There's the kit trying to get out....And here's her actually outside, earlier in the month when she was not so avid on getting away. And also my roses which were beautiful - and are about ready to bloom with another big batch of blossoms - some of them all on one stem!

And this one was the best!

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