Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Home in NJ again.

Well, I've been home since 1 am Sunday morning. Just getting back into ,er, um, habits... It's been a long week and it's only Tuesday. When we got back, it was somewhere in the 50s, temperature wise. This, after a week in which Louisville set new record highs of days over 90° - longest stretch since 1936. I had thought it would cool down there after Elysha and I left, but according to the Courier- Journal, apparently not...

Got some pictures from the trip - not many, as it was Jenni's camera.

This is Kara with the Louisville Gas & Electric Company's Louie the Lightning Bug. They used to use Reddy Kilowatt when I was a kid, but he retired a while back. e.on US Holdings owns LG&E since 2003. I got some cool freebies from e.on - flower seeds and a pair of garden gloves. Maybe it helped that I told the guy that my brother, John, worked for LG&E - and still does, but "free-lance".

Here's a picture of Reddy, just to jog the memory.

And here's one from Alice Cooper's stage. And one of Kara (I think she's just a little tired - not inebriated) with the official Psycho Tour Bear.

Alice takes the stage - it's still a bit light at 8. After dark....

Here's the band - real dark, but you can make them out.

And the finale, after which we left (around 10 pm, I think), "School's Out". The lights were very bright onstage, so outside of being a bit blurry, these pictures turned out pretty good...
We had a good time. It was 105° the day we went to the fair, but it also rained, so it was a little cooler by the time we went outside - to the concert that was held in the old Cardinal Stadium.
Great concert - the people around us were all very nice (and older than me - more Alice's age - hee, hee, hee - he's 59!). This was one of those once in a while strokes of luck. Free concert, cheap admission and cheap parking. Better than a lot of concerts we've been to.

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