Wednesday, August 15, 2007

My Old Kentucky Home

Well, that's where I am at the moment - my old Kentucky home. Or I guess I should say my mother's old Kentucky home. Right now, it's just me and the dawg (See, Ah'm tawking funny awready). Mom's gone to a doctor and the kids have gone to pick up Kara at school. They insisted on staying over here until we leave, so we'll spend more on gasoline while we're here than we spent getting here - which was about $70, by the way... We haven't done much, except eat out. :-)
We're going to the Ky. State Fair tomorrow (I got the advance tickets at Kroger). The free concert at 8 tomorrow is Alice Cooper. The kids (with, perhaps, the exception of Kara) are excited about seeing that. Me, I'm so-so. It's somebody I never really liked, but then again, so is most of the music I like now. Who knows?
P.S. I'm on an iMac, so no pictures- I have no idea how to pick them up.....

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