Sunday, November 25, 2007

We're back!

Well, another Thanksgiving at the Pocmont is over. I got a lot of nice little things. I also won big at bingo! Thanksgiving night, I won the coverall Bingo of $90. But I had to split it with some kid. Steve had also won the B+O bingo and got $10. Then yesterday (Saturday), he won the straight Bingo for $5 and while the University of Kentucky was in its fourth overtime against the University of Tennessee, I won the coverall again! I had to split it with 3 other people, so it was only $13.75.Pretty impressive, since we usually lose big... I took a couple of shots of our room.

Pocmont 11-25-07 our room 11-25-07 And, no, that isn't the cat on the bed, it's my purse. We did our usual flea market shopping and I had a foot treatment by the massage lady. That felt terrific! It's always nice out there and the Fallsview's game room is always a bit of fun, too. I also took pictures of some of the trees on the way home. I wished I had gotten a picture of the "creek" - in Pennsylvania, they seem to know the difference between a creek and a "river". According to New Jersey, the little stream that goes through Verona Park is the Peckman River and is about half the size of the two creeks near the Pocmont.

11-25-07 Outside our room...on way homeOn the back road...

on way home 2 mountain from road From highway 80, I think... The trees all looked very pretty. Even passing them at 40 or more MPH...

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