Thursday, January 24, 2008

PC Troubles right here in Verona

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Been having a lot of problems with the Internet. And uninstalling things I installed does not help. IE7 just shuts down in the middle of things and leaves me hanging, says I should reset my networking controller (NVIDIA nforce Networking Controller - with an up-to-date driver). When I do that, it works for a while, then kaput. So, if anyone finds this post that knows what going on from my tags, e-mail me!!!! And, no, I can't afford to pay Steve Jobs a fortune for a new computer....Thanks anyway, 'cause I know someone - hi, Greg! - might mention that. Sigh...

Off to work, where the PCs do connect right usually...


  1. Firefox? - Greg

  2. Firefox? I think that's what messed things up...Sigh...Thanks anyway.


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