Sunday, April 27, 2008

Better late than never....

Well, a week after the Comic Con, I'm finally getting the time and energy to sit and write about it. I haven't many pictures - I forgot my camera. However , Robbie, who went with us, bought a one use film camera at the drugstore in the Port Authority and took some pictures. Unfortunately, he didn't think to use the flash, figuring it was bright enough without. Most of his pictures, sad to say, did not turn out.
I did have my pictures taken at a booth with stuffies, called
The big blue guy is Super - just a coincidence that my t-shirt is the copyrighted
DC comics "Superman". I bought the smaller version of Super. small  Emotes DC was also there, and Batman, with the upcoming Dark Knight movie coming this summer, was also all over the place and Elysha and I had our pictures taken with two different statues of the Dark Knight, which were in the bright lights!Duude Batman - comic con 2008 Batgirl

I wandered the hall all day. Bought some books and toys - the Super EMOTES and an Ugly Doll - Gato Deluxe, which I thought maybe Woodgie would like to play with. Woodgie seems to be unimpressed...gato deluxe Steven and I (before I lost him and found .. Well, I'll go on about that a little later) had our pictures done by a company doing a film - we became extras, in a manner of speaking, in PBrane: the Green Man.Photobucketthe We're supposed to be afraid of monsters. Steven looks like he probably would if faced with a real monster - impressed that he finally got to see one in real life....

But we split up and took our separate ways when I found Carmine Infantino wandering around in aisle 800, apparently lost. I recognized him and asked if I could help him find something. He said he was looking for the Vanguard booth. So, ever helpful geek that I am, I went over to the Information booth to find a kid, maybe 13, behind the desk. I told him I had a lost artist and asked where the Vanguard booth was. He hands me a map. Sigh....I look up Vanguard and find that it's booth 1810 and Mr. Infantino is way off and limping to boot (no pun intended there). I volunteer to walk over with him and scout ahead to find the booth. He tells me, when we're about halfway there, that he was going in for knee surgery the Monday after the Con... We finally found his booth, after schlepping quite a ways, me inquiring at various booths to people who not only didn't know where Vanguard was, but they didn't seem to know that Carmine Infantino was/is a legendary artist! I got him to sign my Greatest Comic Book Artists book (he had before - some years ago -just Infantino) and he said I deserved first in line. I had him sign on the same page Jim Steranko had claimed earlier at another con. I find, on the Vanguard page that Steranko did an introduction to Infantino in the book that he was there to plug and sign (once we found the place). Carmine also called me a "doll ". Made my day.

It was fun, tiring and weird. The kids left early and brought home samurai swords on the bus. I'm still amazed at that! We brought home our assorted stuff, including Steven's win, Fawkes, a Tonner Toys doll from Harry Potter.fawkes

The talk is that they will move the NYCC back to February - the 6th through the 8th- next year. It might be that we give it up next year since it will be even earlier than the previous two years. The first of February is pretty cold, to say nothing of the likelihood of snow being worse then than later in the month. They should try to move it to a more convenient space than the Javits Center besides. But that's just my opinion. They may have an inside deal for the Javits... What do I know?

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  1. Hi Kathy! This is Matt Casper writing to you...I am part of the Emotes team, and an author of the Emotes book series. I was so glad to see that you enjoyed meeting the gang at Comic Con this year! The official launch of the books and toys is coming up, so keep your eyes peeled! Please stop by and say "hi" at the next Comic Con. I have started an Emote blog at, also for more info AND all the Emotes have joined facebook...they needed some socialization. I hope this finds you well!


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