Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Wednesday 4-16-08

4-16-08 - the morning after

On the local front, Woodgie had what I’d call a tizzy fit last night. I got a Morris the cat toy (with catnip) from a friend. She investigated it, then proceeded to stick her head through a plastic bag handle. Then she went bananas, screeching , running/falling down the stairs, racing around, coming back up the stairs, bouncing around the bathroom and my room until she finally wound up in the corner of my room behind the comic boxes, sitting beside Batman – still with the bag around her neck (not tight, just around her neck). Mommy comes in and tries to coax her out- she growls. I go in and reach for the bag, she hisses and spits. So Mommy comes back in, sweet talks her for a few minutes , than stretches over and grabs the bag , which comes right off in her hand. So there Woodgie sits with Batman. Mommy coaxes her out , while Gramma stands there, watching everything and guarding the door. Woodge finally comes out of the Batcave , her tail all poofed up, but she allows us to pat her and soothe her down. She’s okay this morning, but I’m going to make sure all’s clear if she gets near catnip again… It scared us all...

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