Monday, July 14, 2008

I've been busy since I got back....

And so have other people. My DH's mother has been in the hospital with internal bleeding and my mother goes to the hospital tomorrow because her heart rate is funky...

I have gotten over my cold and the related coughing ( having given it to my mom and Jenni - sorry about that - although Mom wouldn't have found out about the funky heart rate if she hadn't had the cough) and my work schedule is back to, ick, normal.

I got my hair cut, courtesy of a lady who comes in to the library and had the greatest haircut - she gave me a 100% discount certificate at Panico in West Caldwell, NJ. The guy who cut my hair was a real sweet guy named James (much cuter than his picture in the website). It turned out pretty good, although it didn't look so great after dealing with my CPAP headgear....2008-07-14 - Panico haircut I colored it this morning (Golden blonde - would you believe it? No change...). I looked great - and blonder - when I left the salon. I also went to Marshalls and got a few things to wear. I got Doc Martens Thongs - for my feet, a nice bra, and a red v-neck top. I also got a little purse and a tin of lemon drops - very nice!

So, on Saturday we went to the Simbols house for a "graduation/hey, we got a grandkid" party. The grandkid is Haiden Anthony Lombardi. Here's his picture from the announcement, cropped to just show him. Haiden Lombardi He looks just like Erica, his mother. Although his father has dark hair, too. How they got him to open his eyes that big was beyond me until we met him. He's a curious little guy, always looking around. He's 1 month old today. The graduation part was for Danny, who graduated high school the end of June - but with Erica being there and the general chaos with the Simbols, they just got around to his graduation party. It was nice.

Yesterday, Steve and I made the annual Meadowlands Fair excursion. It was fun. We saw the pigs race, won a couple of stuffies, saw the animals ( the poor kangaroo is always asleep) and I rode a camel! Me on camel 7-12-08 And of course, I got hypnotized again....It's sort of like a dream that you know is a dream, but you can't wake up.... I'm hoping this is a slow week. Summer is going way too fast.

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