Friday, July 18, 2008

Mom is home

Thank goodness... I talked to Mom this afternoon and she sounds okay, but concern that there's now something inside that will mess with her heart is in her voice... I'm glad she's back home. I'm also very thankful that my brothers can take care of things for her.

I went to get my nails done today at Bella Salon and Spa, here in Verona. It's not much of a spa, but the pedicure chairs are terrific. They have massage controls built in and it made my back feel good! I changed my polish color from pale pink to Opi's "Ladies and Magenta " which, unfortunately, they don't make anymore. I took my own polish, like I did before, so I can fix nicks and scrapes until I can get them done again. Fingers need redoing once a week, toes every two or three weeks. I think the manicures are helping my nails stay nice. They don't seem to break off as often (touch wood...) or as short, when they do break.

My haircut feels too short now, but I guess it's a good thing. The weather said the high was 95°today... It's supposed to be hotter tomorrow. We, thank God, have air conditioning on today.

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