Saturday, August 30, 2008

Well, it should be an interesting election...

Now we should see whether there are more racists than sexists, shouldn't we? A woman as vice - president did not work for Democrats (Geraldine Ferraro in 1984 - or maybe it was her Presidential candidate, Walter Mondale). Does John Mc Cain think he has enough clout to carry the Republicans to victory in November with an inexperienced woman - Sarah Palin, first woman governor of Alaska (yes, Alaska)? He's got her as an NRA member, anti-choice aka "pro-life " (and she proves that one by having 5 kids)...One also assumes she isn't post-menopausal, so her pro-life agenda could fall apart real fast - or we'd have an untidy situation with a vice-president on maternity leave...Not that there's anything wrong with that...But we may see.

Then there's that race card thing, which could pose a risk to the Democrats. Then again, he is half-white, albeit he was born in Hawaii (yes, Hawaii). So, he's a "native" of one of the last two states to become states and she's the governor of one of them (she was born in Idaho, I'm sure some people aren't sure if it's really a state, but grew up in Alaska).

So, it should be interesting.

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