Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Jack in the Mirror -Copyright Disney
Happy Halloween!
My "costume" today is my Library Raid shirt, from Unshelved. The system here at the library, from AutoGraphics, was updated yesterday and last night was chaos. After an e-mail to AutoGraphics by yours truly, the checkin worked again ( they didn't tell me the update had just finished at 5pm and the lunatic IT person had been here all day). Seems nobody would take the extra time (all of 2 minutes) to call AutoGraphics to tell them we had a problem that might have originated on their end - which it did. So we are back up to par, except for the books that were checked out by writing the barcodes down - since a few of them were not the right numbers, or patrons... I have to work 9-5 tomorrow, so it should be an interesting weekend... Sigh...

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