Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Better, but not much

Feeling a bit better today, but have been either in bed or in the bathroom much of it. I had a can of chicken broth for “lunch”. It seemed to help a bit. Elysha brought me some Imodium and PowerAde – it certainly tastes better than I recall that Gatorade did. It’s Coke’s version of Gatorade, so I guess that makes the difference. when I went back to bed this morning, the sheets and the pillow have never felt softer. Between the aches from the fall and the food poisoning, I have felt really bad. I missed my Acting Up class and the earring making class at Montclair Beadworks. I’m hoping I can go in the some Wednesday and make a pair of earrings… Anyway, I think I may live through this. Last night about this time, I wasn’t so sure….

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