Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Today, Elysha took me to a beautiful Spanish restaurant, called Mesón Madrid (if you go to their site, turn the sound down and look at the images- our booth was just to the left of the yellow arch in the picture of the rear dining room), that she designs the menus for. I had Grilled Tilapia that was terrific! Elysha had rice and shrimp that she loves, along with the chorizo that we went there for! We had some terrific desserts (she designs the menu for that, too!). Elysha got such a charge out of seeing people studying “her” menus. The owner had told her to tell him when we got there – he came out and shook our hands and made sure we were seated well. After we ate, we waited for the waiter to come with the check and finally, he came over and told us that Mr. Benny, Jr. had told him not to take our money, that it was compliments of the house. We left the waiter a big tip (I had the cash, so I left the tip) and Elysha found Benny and thanked him profusely. He shook our hands again and said it was his pleasure and "Happy Mother's Day!" So after that, we went to the movies at the theaters at Willowbrook Mall and saw the new Star Trek movie. Among the odd cameos was one I didn't notice until we watched the credits. One of the Romulans was Randy Pausch, author of the Last Lecture. Another that I was not quite sure of was Winona Ryder, as Spock's mother. I hate to say it, but the worst and most "out of character" character was Uhuru. She was just whack! The other characters seemed to be what you would imagine they might have been before the original 5 year mission.... Good movie, in any case, even if it was kind of loony in plot. The special effects were phenomenal and the characters were for the most part, endearingly close to the originals. It was good - and it looks like a lot of people agreed with us.... We have a lot of food left over to have tomorrow, too! Yum!

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