Wednesday, July 15, 2009

INSURANCE – we need the government to take a hand….

My insurance changed as of July 1st and my DME (Durable Medical Equipment –provider of my CPAP machine, masks, etc.) is no longer covered. Of course, my titration study was done on June 29 and they didn't put the order through for a new mask and reset of the CPAP machine until, you guessed it, after July 1. So I have  to get my old DME to take back what they delivered on July 10 and find a new DME covered by Cigna insurance. Cigna's website was no help....  BTW, Steven got the new insurance as a teacher here in NJ. They're supposed to give him equal or better. Looking at Cigna’s reports regarding coverage, it doesn't look that way. I’m all for the government taking over the insurance business. This sucks….


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