Saturday, August 01, 2009

Facebook is claiming too much time….

I’m on Facebook now more than I blog – guess you noticed that. Bee depressed the past few weeks. I hate July and I’m not real fond of summer this year either. It’s been cool and rainy here for too long. Today it was nice and sunny and I planted some pumpkin seeds that I had in a bag that said “PLANT IN MAY”. Well so much for that… I also got my cookbooks out of the drawer (which had been stuck for ages – my genius husband got it open by taking out the stuff from under the big cookbook that had the drawer stuck). I sorted out loose recipes that I never wanted to try and why on earth I had them to begin with is beyond me. Cheese soufflé was one of them… Included was Micky’s Fishburgers . I kept the Davy’s lemonade and Peter’s scones, but the fishburgers didn’t look too appetizing. Didn’t have any of Mike’s (Nesmith) recipes. Or I didn’t find them in the cookbook. I kept Mrs. Snuffleuppagus’ spaghetti and meatballs, since Big Bird sent them to me when Jenni was little.Of course, I can search with Bing to find almost any recipe I need now, which is what I usually do. Steven got school supplies for Kara and I’ve got to see if Elysha has an old backpack that she can have. But today was the kitchen. Maybe I’ll cook something tomorrow. Not the cheese soufflé or the fishburgers…. I love having weekends off….



  1. Yes, I've noticed your Facebook activity. :) You can skip me on your list of people to send apps too. I don't participate in most Facebook apps.

  2. You're not on Facebook near as much as I am.... :-) I'm on WAY more than you, but I have entirely too much free time on my hands.... I register Kara today.... Ed's leaving work early to come and get her registered.... Why he's doing that I have no idea since I could just walk her over there and do it.... Oh well....


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