Friday, August 14, 2009

More British news

We got a call from an Erica Barrett in North Carolina, who said she was in possession of Elysha's paperwork. When I called her back, she said she had to leave for London on Monday - did Elysha, by chance, get her paperwork for her passport? No, unfortunately. She said she'll send Elysha's to us. I feel bad for her, but what kind of knucklehead would mistake Erica for Elysha or North Carolina for New Jersey? I'm going to call my congressman and possibly the newspaper about this. I'm just so aggravated!!!!


  1. Well, that's retarded.... So what happens next?? Is she still gonna be able to go or what???

  2. She's going as a student visitor, so doesn't need a visa... Sigh.


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